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Episode 14: John Waite

Mar 24

John Waite

This week our guest is John Waite.

You know John from his work with The Babys, Bad English and of course, his extensive solo career.

He’ll put all of that music to good use with his upcoming Wooden Heart Acoustic tour, which kicks off on April 2. Check out John’s website to see all of the tour dates.

We spoke with John to talk about the tour, the Wooden Heart EP which helped to inspire the idea for doing these shows — and he also shared with us where he’s at creatively these days. He’s got some fun projects in the hopper as well.


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Episode 13: Michael McDermott

Mar 9

Michael McDermott

This week our guest is Michael McDermott.

Michael’s been making music for the masses for 25 years now. He released his major label debut 620 W. Surf in August of 1991.

I first met Michael 20 years ago when he was touring in support of his third album, the self-titled Michael McDermott album. We’ve traded the occasional email, Myspace message and Facebook message over the years, but I’ve never had the chance to sit down and have a proper conversation with him about music until now.

The way this conversation came together was kind of interesting. Five years ago, I had mapped out questions to do an interview for the 20th anniversary of 620 W. Surf. At that time, the interview didn’t happen. As the end of last year was approaching, it occurred to me that I could resurrect that idea for this year and take another swing at getting it done.

And then Michael caught me by surprise and released XXV this past December, a two CD collection of his work over the past 25 years rounded out with a few choice unreleased nuggets.

At the time that it was released, McDermott said, “I may start to tour and only bring this album, because it has everything I want people to hear in one package.”

So that gave me the idea that he and I should do a podcast and go track by track through the entire compilation.

Michael was game for the idea and we began working to schedule something. That was early December and as you can see now, here we are in early March. Things got busy. So by the time we got it scheduled, I made the decision to shift the focus a bit.


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