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Episode 21: John Hampson (Nine Days)

Jun 22

Nine Days

This week our guest is singer/songwriter John Hampson from the band Nine Days.

More than fifteen years after their major label breakthrough The Madding Crowd was released, an album which spawned a massive Top 10 hit for the group with “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl),” the group is back in business with their latest album, Snapshots, which will be released on July 8.

Fans can pre-order the album via iTunes and get several advance tracks, including the “Sweet 16” version of “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl).”


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Episode 20: Vicki Peterson (The Bangles, Continental Drifters)

Jun 15

The Bangles - by Karen Filter

This week our guest is Vicki Peterson of the Bangles.

Vicki joins us to talk about the new archival release, Ladies and Gentlemen…The Bangles!, which is being released by Omnivore Recordings on June 24.

The 16 track collection pulls together a hefty stack of rarities from the ’80s, including the band’s first single, early demo recordings, live tracks and all of the songs from their self-titled debut EP, marking the first time that it has been available on physical media since its release on vinyl in 1982.

As Peterson told us during the conversation, the group’s archives were, as she put it with a laugh, “far-flung.”

“We had to dig up a lot of this stuff,” she says. “Luckily, my brother, who is an audiophile and a recording engineer/masterer, he had a lot of the early versions, because he actually recorded some of the early demos with us. For instance, the ‘Bitchen Summer‘ track, he was a teenager, I think, at the time. So he helped us track down a lot of stuff we had. Bill Inglot [also] helped, you know, we literally had to find the original masters of the EP.”


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Episode 19: Howard Jones

Jun 8

Howard Jones

This week our guest is Howard Jones.

Howard has been touring the U.S. regularly in recent years with his full electric band, featuring longtime associates Jonathan Atkinson on electric drums and Robbie Bronniman on sequencing and additional keyboards.

The synth pioneer is currently on the road for what will be the longest run of tour dates of his career as the special guest on this year’s edition of the Last Summer on Earth tour with Barenaked Ladies and OMD. Happily, it’s a touring run which will bring Jones back to a number of markets in the United States that he hasn’t played in many years.


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Episode 18: Steve Lukather

Jun 3



This week our guest is Steve Lukather of Toto.

Toto is back out on the road this summer and for the first time in a long time, they’ll be playing a run of headlining dates without an opening act, so American audiences will finally get to see the extended sets that the band has been playing mainly in Europe in recent years. They are also making a real effort to play shows in places they haven’t played in a long time.

We cover a lot of ground during today’s interview, including the band’s upcoming 40th anniversary in 2018 and the plans that are in place to celebrate that.


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