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Episode 22: Ben Arthur

Jul 26

Ben Arthur

The sources linked on Ben Arthur’s Wikipedia page are pretty impressive. There’s the Forbes profile, the New York Times Op-Ed piece and then an entry marked “Satirical Popdose interview.”

We should probably explain that last source, which goes back to the time that an email hit the Popdose inbox, wondering if we might be interested in chatting with Ben Arthur. We immediately recognized that offer as a possible opportunity to instead ask Ben a bunch of questions meant for Bea Arthur of The Golden Girls fame. And just like that, we were off and running. We quickly discovered that Ben likes to have fun and be goofy just as much as we do — and a lifelong friendship officially kicked off.

Throughout his career, Ben has always been working an interesting angle when it comes to the projects that he engages in and that’s something that we discuss during today’s interview regarding his latest album, Call and Response, a collection of “answer songs” responding to the work of other artists.


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