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Episode 24: Shawn Amos

Oct 21

Shawn Amos

This week our guest is Shawn Amos.

He’s had an interesting career, both on the business side of music and as an entrepreneur and content creator. Kitchen Table Blues is a really cool web series that he’s been cranking out over the past couple of years that’s climbing close to 100 episodes at this point.

We spoke with Shawn to talk about his interesting career path as well as his latest album, The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You, which is his first blues album.

“The only prerequisite for the blues is just playing from a place of authenticity and playing from a place of your heart vs. your head,” Amos shared with us, as we dug deep into the topic of playing the blues. “It’s a [type of music] where you’ve got to be willing to make yourself vulnerable. I think you’ve got to make yourself vulnerable and you’ve got to be able to in real time, reveal a part of yourself musically that is honest and not filled with pre-choreographed focus group tested riffs or moves or looks. And that kind of spontaneity is a lot of what’s lacking in life in general. I think that’s sort of the groove and it doesn’t matter where you come from beyond that.”


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