My interest in music and entertainment started at an early age. The moment I usually point to when people ask me about it is the day that I spent as a kid at KWES-FM, the local radio station in Odessa, Texas. I was eight or nine years old and the radio station was located in a mobile home, so from that point forward, I thought that all radio stations were in buildings like that. Years later, I discovered that wasn’t true. But that’s not what’s important here.

On that day, I walked in and they handed me a Sammy Hagar “I Can’t Drive 55” button and a few radio station bumper stickers. They showed me around the building and eventually, I found myself hanging out in the lounge area where I saw MTV for the first time. The whole experience made me think that being in radio when I grew up would probably be pretty cool — which it totally was.

I spent nearly a decade working at WMMS here in Cleveland and it was an amazing way to spend my first decade in the “real world.” Even when I eventually moved on, I continued to keep my feet in the radio world, hosting and co-hosting a variety of specialty shows. During my time at WMMS, I did some of my first interviews (and I was totally terrified) and eventually started to branch out, doing additional interviews and writing stories for various print publications.

20 years later, I’m still having those conversations and writing about them. A lot of times, I end up with a lot more material than I can use in whatever story I’m writing, so for a while, I had been thinking it would be fun to start a podcast to share those conversations.

Lost Together was the result of those thoughts and as we get going, you can expect a variety of things each week (or every couple of weeks, depending on what’s going on). First, you can expect to hear some of those interviews that I mentioned above, an “extended cut” of sorts, sourced from conversations that I’ve had for stories.

You’ll also hear interviews that will be exclusive to this podcast — stuff that I think is interesting and worth knowing about, hearing and/or seeing. There will also be topic-based discussions with special guests. Beyond that, we’ll see where it all goes.

Feel free to reach out with your thoughts, comments and suggestions to mattwardlawATgmailDOTcom.

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